Monday, June 14, 2010


Congratulations! You got here. In this space, I will post regular announcements and assignments for our class. The first announcement is that you are to each create your own "blogger" blog. Make sure that you post a "test" post -- use "test" as both the title line and the message.

After doing so, copy the link directly out of the address line and e-mail it to me at

This is a pretty significant part of your grade. If you are having ANY problems with this, make sure that you call me at the number listed on the syllabus (or, actually, the corrected cell phone number I sent you). I can talk you through any of this.

Watch this space for any new announcements.

See you next week!

Blog #1 & Guidelines for Posts

Guidelines for Posts

Each post needs to be a "free write." In other words, I will not be "grading" you on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your typing ability should not impact your grade for this portion of your final grade.

I expect each post to be quite lengthy -- around 250 words (ask if you do not know how to cut/paste into Word to do a word count). Each post should show me that you have adequately reviewed the assigned readings. Your opinion matters to me and should show through in your comments. I will NOT mark you down for having an opinion that differs from mine (either as a person, or as a teacher). I WILL mark you down for not answering the following question: WHY? No opinion is valid in writing unless you answer that question.

Above all, address what I ask you to address in the assignment for the week and try to avoid tangental thinking and writing.

Blog #1

I would like you to reflect on those sections in your reading that were NOT articles (sections pertaining to writing or the writing process). Please tell me what is similar about the sections to what you have previously learned and what is different. Please highlight sections you found interesting and/or new to you. These sections are, I think, some of the most important for developing a basis for your research paper.

I also asked you to read some articles out of They Say, I Say. You need not discuss these in your blog post.

Blog #1 is due by midnight on September 5th (Sunday). Yes, I will know when you posted this. I will begin grading about the time I get to school on the 6th. Remember, my dog wakes me up at around 5:30 every morning.