Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog #3

For this entry, I would like you to reflect upon what you learned about yourself, as a writer, while working on the informal summary (this is the one you wrote as a group). Think deeply! You may have learned that you are a leader in a group. You may have learned that you don't like to write with a group of people. You may have found that you are a better or less competent student than you thought you were. You may have realized that you were not as prepared as you would have liked to have been.

If I knew that this were true ... no. Just joking. Remember -- no stress on these reflections! Honesty is (sometimes) the best policy.

Now, also reflect on your objective summary (it was just like the informal summary, only you were to have written it by yourself).

250 words-ish. This is due on your blog by Monday, September 27th at midnight.

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beths102blog said...

I did this paper on my own but have had to write with a group in the past. I find that others tend to lead over me but I am not afraid to give my input. I find that it's sometimes better to sit back and listen to get other's perspectives on see what direction the topic is tending to go in. If I find that no one is taking the lead I usually jump in to get the ball rolling. I am good at doing that even at department meetings at work. I like to let others have their say. I think it's fair that everyone should have an opportunity to communicate their thoughts. As things are being put into place as to what is going to be written, I tend to lay out what has been discussed so far and map the paper out as we discuss the progression of the paper.