Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog #10

Yeah! Last one. This is due before your final exam (the week of the 13th). HAVE IT DONE BY THE TIME YOU SHOW UP FOR YOUR FINAL EXAM.

What did you learn in this class? Be specific! Telling me what a great teacher I am and how you have learned SOOOO much is NOT what I'm after (although the "great teacher" part is always appreciated). I want specifics--what will you do in your writing in the future that you didn't do before this class? What aspects of the class made you feel the best about your own writing and development as a writer?

Again, this is the LAST blog entry you are going to do for me. This is for all the marbles. I expect at LEAST 3 LONG paragraphs. Tell me everything (your wishes, your dreams, your development as a writer, your children's shoe sizes, etc. -- just kidding about the shoes, really).

It has been such a pleasure the work with you all this term.

Thank you for a great semester!

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beths102blog said...

What I learned in English 102:
Purdue Owl was something new to me, It became very useful in my writing format. I never knew that papers had to be written in specific formats. I always just wrote the paper and was done with it. I should have taken more time studying the formats in Owl but I was more concentrated on getting the paper done. I jotted down the notes that I thought I needed and closed Owl down. I should have left it open for questions that I had along the way when writing my paper. I would have avoided some of my re-writes from the format perspective at least. At least I know now and will reference Owl when ever I need, it is a great resource tool.
TS/CD/CM style of writing. Not that I totally get the whole gist of it but I have a pretty good scope on the concept. Once I realized that this format helps me to create a smooth flow in my writing it made writing that much easier and more enjoyable. Up until this class I would just put words together. Learning how to properly cite and move into the TS/CD/CM format, the paper took shape in an orderly fashion. I now start with a rough draft, ad my citation, and fill in the CM and there I have a paragraph and eventually the whole paper. Learning TS/CD/CM definitely will be a tremendous help to me in writing papers in the future. It will make my life easier when it comes to writing my next paper, less stress!
Citing someone else's works. I never knew that anytime I write a thought without quoting what the actual person said is something that needs to be cited. So that's where the plagiarism comes in? I always thought that switching up the words, or putting the other person's thoughts into my own words was the way we were supposed to handle writing a paper. I was always taught that quoting someone required citing and being mentioned in a Bibliography. I'm either old school or was never taught the correct way of citing. amazing what is taught and what is not understood from the teachings. Well, now I know.
Actually I know a lot more than when I started this class. Thank you for introducing me to Purdue Owl and teaching me the TS/CD/CM format. I will use these both from now on!