Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog #7

Define "humor." Are you thinking of Jim Carrey movies, or something more subtle? Do you have to laugh out loud when something is funny? Was the article about the cocaine dealer that we read, "funny."

Also, define "style." Are you picturing Jane Seymour or Sean Connery, or are you thinking of the ways in which you incorporate "style" into your papers.

Remember, YOU have a voice -- how do you get it into your papers?

This blog is due on Saturday, November 13th at midnight.

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beths102blog said...

Humor is a pretty broad subject. When I think of humor I think of recent movies that made me laugh such as "Meet the Falkers" or "It's Complicated". I laughed at both of these movies. I could basically relate to both of them as well. When I think of humor from years ago, I think of "Laugh In". Very satirical but funny. We sued to be able to get a weekly laugh out of watching that show. As far as laugh out loud so hard that you can't stop laughing doesn't seem to happen to often. Mostly when I'm laughing at my own stupid blond moments after someone tells me how stupid it was.
When someone asks me to define style, I think of classy. Classy by means of Lauren Bacall, Gretta Garbo, or Katherine Hepburn. Actors don't have that kind of classy style any more. Watching some of their old movies, you can appreciate that generation and what they meant to the big screen. It does not seem to be the same any more. Movies are good but the acing isn't great like it used to be. "Gone With the Wind" was my favorite Great of all times as was Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh.