Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog #6

I know this comes as a shock [note: sarcasm], but due this Friday at midnight (10/29) is your reflection for your Critical Analysis.

Here's the assignment:

Write a nice, long STANDARD reflection -- what did you like/dislike? What will you change? What won't you change? Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera ...

Really, your responses have been a little short. This was a long paper, so the reflection should be long.

Any questions at all -- call me :)


ericka badoh said...

My opinion on the critical analysis I wrote regarding the movie was confusing and somewhat dissapointed. I thought that the movie was boring and a terrible love story. I try to be fair on my view of the movie. I thought the director had too many scenes in the movie that was controversial and left the viewer confused in the end.

beth said...

After a few drafts of my Critical Analysis Paper, over all, I was pretty happy with how my paper turned out. I struggled at first with getting a good flow going for the paper. With the help of following the CD/Cm format it seemed to help the flow take shape. I am disappointed that I still don't get what and where to cite correctly on my papers. I truly have to read Purdue Owl much closer. On the other hand, I thought this paper was supposed to be in APA format and not MLA format so I do have to go back to Owl anyway and correct my format throughout the whole paper. Then there is the citation page, where did I miss that we were supposed to have a works cited page? That should have been a no brainer being in an English class like this. On a brighter note, I found how I was able to draw the audience into my paper through the use of we rather than pointing a finger at you. I did lack in carrying this use throughout the entire paper. That is definitely one thing that I am clearly going back to correct in order to keep the audience involved and interested. Every paper we have written so far has truly been a great learning experience. Hopefully I can re-write this paper and see significant improvement. It’s almost fun to take a paper that I have written and bring it to a new level of writing. Thank you for your encouragement and guidance!