Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blog #5

This entry is due Sunday, October 17th by midnight-ish.

Even without having your paper back (the Evaluative Summary), I would like you to think about what you could have done differently. What about using stronger verbs? Did you effectively discuss whether or not the article's argument was successful? Did you follow the assignment? Is your opinion in the paper? How did you get it there? Did you complete a summary of the article?

Use this reflection as a jumping point for your first revision. I know that it is hard to rewrite something you have considered complete. Good writers rewrite constantly! Aim for a complete rewrite while you keep the "essence" of your paper intact. Look for ways to better say what you said before. For example, try to write the entire paper without using "is, are, was, or were." Instead, use verbs that really demonstrate what you are trying to say. ACTIVE VERBS!

This assignment is due Friday, October 19th by midnight. You should bring your first revision of your evaluative summary to your conference on the 21st.

For Help on Rewrites

Here are the major points from the power point I showed you in class. This can help if you get stuck on your rewrites.


* Start with TSCD.
* Do I need to make new paragraphs? Where?
* Are there enough concrete details? Commentaries?
* Do I close every paragraph?
* Does everything I say in each paragraph relate to the topic sentence?
* Does every paragraph have a topic sentence?


* Is there a transition between every paragraph?
* What kind of transition?
* Is it located at the end of a paragraph or the beginning?
* Is it good there?
* Should I move it?

Diction/Word Choice:

* What about my verbs?
* Is every verb doing SOMETHING?


* Does everything -- EVERYTHING reply to my thesis?
* Is my thesis strong enough? Should I rewrite it?

Make sure to call me or e-mail me if you need some help or just someone to "whine" to. Remember that I've written "a few" papers in my time :)


beths102blog said...

I do have my Evaluative Summary back if you are referring to the one we did a few weeks ago. I actually thought my paper was weak. I've thought most of my papers to be weak so far this semester. I tired to follow the format of what to write but it's just words. I'm not talking to anyone in particular and not really feeling like I have a point to make to anyone. I know I did not expect to be analyzing other peoples work in the way that we are. It's just been a challenge to me to get into gear to do that. I n this particular paper, I did not use enough commas and did not cite enough. As far as the paper as a whole, I did a pretty lame job at tackling the assignment and getting the needed results. So now, it's onto trying to rewrite it and doing a better job the second time around!

ericka badoh said...

I believe that I could have done better on my evaluative summary if I really had the oppurtunity to think clearly about my thoughts. I thought I had use to many run-on sentences and did not place my commas in the correct spot.